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|AD| UniversalMu | Season 8 Episode 3 | Dynamic Exp Hard | Dynamic Drop | No Rebirth

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Name: UniversalMu

Files: Season 8 Episode 3 (Premium Files)
Web: Www.UniversalMu.Info
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UniversalMu/
Exp: Dynamic Exp Hard
Max Level: 800
Drop: Dynamic
Monster HP: 100%
Points /lvl : 5 / 7
Host: 1gbps with protection DDoS to 30GBPS.
ON: 24/7
Lag: 0
Spots in all maps.
Server Specifications (host):
Processor Speed: Intel Xeon E5 - 1650v2 3.9GHz
Connection: 1GBPS
Server Location: Germany

Bless: 100%
Soul: 75%
Life: 60%
Chaos Machine:
+10: 85%
+11: 80%
+12: 75%
+13: 70%
+14: 65%
+15: 60%

• Guardian of Archeron: Online
• Arca War: Online
• Castle Siege: Online
• Duel: Online
• La Cleon: Online
• Luck Coin: Online
• Guild War: Online
• Battle Soccer: Online
• Blood Castle: Online
• Blue Event: Online
• Castle Siege: Online
• Chaos Castle: Online
• Cherry Blossom: Online
• CryWolf Event: Online
• Devil Square: Online
• Double Goer: Online
• Imperial Guardian: Online
• Gens Family: Online
• Golden Archier: Online
• Golden Invation: Online
• HalloWeen Event: Online
• Happy Hour: Online
• Illusion Temple: Online
• Dragones Rojos: Online
• Kalima Event: Online
• Kanturu Event: Online
• Loren Deep: Online
• Luck Coin: Online
• Moss The Gambler: Online
• New Year´s Day: Online
• Santa Village: Online
• Sky Event: Online
• Summer Event: Online
• Swamp Of Peace: Online
• White Wizard: Online
So What Are You Waiting For.?


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