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Xp/Sp: x9999
Adena: x1
Party Xp/Sp: x2
Safe enchant: +4
Max enchant: +30
From Dragon Coins +35
Enchant Rate: 90%
Dragon Coin Enchant Rate: 95%



 Custom PvP Server
 Lot custom items
 Fully scripted sieges
 Custom PvP area
 Nine Scripted Grand bosses
 Beautiful NPC manager
 Beautiful farming areas
 Beautiful farming monsters
 Full NPC buffer with auto buff
 Scheme buffer
 Special GM events
 PvP/PK title colors
 Top 20 PvP/PK manager
 Augmentation skill shop
 Custom Voiced commands
 Bank system
 Dressme system
 Offline shop system
 Custom enchant manager
 Custom Life stones 100% skill
 Custom events TvT, DM
 Server up-time [24/7] [99]%
 Strong DDOS protection
 Active GM 24/7 fixes bugs, helping everyone


Site: http://www.l2dragonwind.com/


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