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Ja drusku pacīnās, var modificēt, lai iet bez koda, es tā domāju.

EDIT: Aiz garlaicības uzmetu aci koda. Viss, kas ir jāizdara, jānomaina verifyInstallation un verifyCodeToken return true un viss. 5min patestējot, it kā viss iet bez problēmām. Faila lokācija: /php/service/Verification.php Tālāk jāiet caur url /php/app.php?install-wizard un tiks noskipots verify steps.


class Verification extends Service { 
    private $config; 
    public function onRegister() { 
        $this->config = $this->get('config'); 
    public function verifyInstallation() { 
        return true; 
    public function verifyCodeToken($sp1cf959, $spa89a73) { 
        return true;
    public function updateInstallation($sp1cf959, $spa89a73) { 
        $this->config->updateParameters(array('services' => array('verify' => array('code' => $sp1cf959, 'token' => $spa89a73)))); } }


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