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(FSY23) Group Name Indicator v3.3

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ACP > Look & Feel > Skin Manager > Edit Template HTML > Board Index > Active Users

Atrodi šo rindu:

<b>{$active['GUESTS']}</b> {$this->ipsclass->lang['guests']}, <b>{$active['MEMBERS']}</b> {$this->ipsclass->lang['public_members']}, <b>{$active['ANON']}</b> {$this->ipsclass->lang['anon_members']}

Un uzreiz aiz tā koda, ievieto šo:

  [<b><span style='color:#FF0000'>Administrators</span></b>] · [<b><span style='color:#CC0000'>Moderators</span></b>] · [<span style='color:#0000FF'>Members</span>] · [<span style='color:#AAAAAA'>Validating</span>] · [spiders] 

Tas ir manuāli, bet protams vieglāk un labāk var pārvaldīt ar šo pluginu/addonu. Tikai izskatītos, kaut kas līdzīgs šim:


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