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RocketScript 1.0 - File uploader, URL shortener, Pastebin, User accounts

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Just a quick release - I don't really have any use for this script any more since I am in the process of making the 2nd version.

This script is for a basic file sharing site and has many features already. It would certainly make a good base for a future project.

Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!ls4DCTCI!VQvGDdoMRGdd2f0U2RrFRPYcp_6XuKRT8PsLjx3sDWI

This was the first PHP project I ever did and it was over a year ago. I've come quite a way since so the quality of the code may not be quite up to scratch but it should be secure.




Autors: Maatt

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