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  1. !HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL IS COMING TO MUPLANET! We will be invaded my Flame Ghost monsters! Random Spawns! WHAT WILL THEY DROP DROP RATES WILL BE LOWER FOR BETTER ITEMS Transformation rings for more fun! Jack O'lantern pumpkin items! Fire Flame Ghost Eggs! Pets!
  2. Dynamic S9 E2 + https://www.mupla.net Fully working reliable S9 E2 + with our custom modifications and dynamic gameplay! Our features have been carefully selected and modified to please the majority of MuOnline players! Yes - in one server! Dynamic features XP, Drop rate and Gameplay *: 5 difficulty leagues, everyone starts in Beginners league with a progression option every 30 resets! Beginners - higher XP, but lower drop rate. (Currently 900xp and 45% drop rate). total 6000 stat points at reset 30. - fun and social start to build your future team! Elite - XP 650x, drop rate 55%, total of 15000 stat points at reset 60. Pro Elite - XP 400x, drop rate 65% total of 22500 stat points at reset 90. Hardcore category - XP 250x, drop rate 85% total of 30000 stat points at reset 120. Diamond category - XP 150x drop rate 95% total of 37500 stat ponts at reset 150. - Legendary league for those players who are ready to show off their MuOnline skills! * Total stat points, xp, drop rate can be changed based on the overall progression. Resets and Stat points: Reset at level 400. Stat drop + 200 free stat points with every reset (1st reset +200, 2nd reset +400, 3rd reset +600 etc.) (For beginners) You will need Zen and jewel of creation to reset after level 400. More resets you have, more jewels you will need! Jewel of Creation x current reset count. (For beginners, Elite and up fixed price. Also with VIP you need to pay less jewels 🙂 For resets you get rewards (Gold points) - with gold points you can buy VIP, exclusive items and much more 🙂 Also you can change your online time for very needed yewels, or you can trade platinium coins for jewels Look and feel: New and originally remastered game client with visually stunning designs! Experience The Grand Era Chapter! Rebuilt old and destroyed maps to their former glory before Kundun ravished the Continent of MU! Seasonal changes - some maps will change their appearance! Player progression will change some of the visual in game features ;) - you will have to find this out for yourself! Expansion of the current maps based on our player progression! more players we have, more new areas will follow! MuPlanet exclusive work is done by our own map and content designer. Achievements system Lucky wheel of fortune Daily, Weekly, Monthly rewards for players *That means that, player who did most progression in exact day, week or month will get rewards HOT BOXES SPOTS IN ALL MAPS ADDED/ADJUSTED SPOTS: WEALTHY LORENCIA: Spot 1- 190,120; Graveyard -140,200; Fort-180,30; 148,32 NORIA: Spot1 - 150,130; 151,165 IMPERIAL DEVIAS: Devias1 - 200,80; 149.190 Devias2 2 new spots; Devias3 2 new spots. DUNGEON: Dungeon1 - 100,215; Dungeon 2 - 170,120; Dungeon3(Door up) 25,18; 43,122 ELVELAND: Spot1 - 35,131; 204,127 ATLANS: Atlans1 - 25,55; 50,40; Atlans2 - 240,10; Atlans3 - 45,145; 45,170; 20,175 LOSTTOWER: LT1 - 200,100; LT3 - 100,170; LT4 - 135,90; LT7 - 55,90; 23,24 TARKAN: Spot1- 105,40; Tarkan2 - 90,120; 90,222 AIDA: Spot1 - 140,150; 156,123 CRYSTAL ICARUS: Spot1 - 25,27; Spot2 - 90,40; Spot3 - 140,115; 29,210 BLOOD CASTLE: We have adjusted JOC rewards for BC, as follows: BC1=2 JOC, BC2=4 JOC, BC3=5 JOC, BC4=6 JOC, BC5=7, BC6=8 JOC, BC7=9 JOC, BC8=11 JOC. You will need JOC to make a reset currently you can earn JOC by doing BC, rare drop from monsters and exchange Zen / online hours in website. JEWEL OF CHAOS HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE DROP POOL. Review from first players DON'T MISS THE CHANCE TO PLAY IN ONE OF THE BEST SERVERS See you online!
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