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  1. !HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL IS COMING TO MUPLANET! We will be invaded my Flame Ghost monsters! Random Spawns! WHAT WILL THEY DROP DROP RATES WILL BE LOWER FOR BETTER ITEMS Transformation rings for more fun! Jack O'lantern pumpkin items! Fire Flame Ghost Eggs! Pets!
  2. Hello All! https://mupla.net MuPlanet Team has finally opened its long awaited Server Doors! !!!!!SUBARASHIII!!!!! 04/10/2019 Status: ONLINE Quick server info: Reset: 400lvl Dynamic setup Dynamic visual client S9E2 Chapter 1 - Grand Era Chapter 1(new chapter with new content every 3 months) Grand Era Ch1 maps: Wealthy Lorencia, Imperial Devias, Crystal Icarus 5 difficulty leagues with dynamic progression-league unlock every 30 res. Seasonal Client New Start promo event Dynamic Events Event Calendar 24/7 Hosting thanks to LGHost(EU server) -------------------------------------------- website: https://mupla.net -------------------------------------------- Webshop disabled VIP available Master level from 330lvl No +all items MG and DL 7 stat points per level Spots for early stage of game Shadow phantom help to lvl 50(quite a lot of spots) 5 Difficulty Leagues: Beginner: 0-30res, max total stats: 6000 at reset 30, XP:900x Drop rate 45% Elite: 31-60, max total stats: 15000 at reset 60, XP:650 Drop rate: 55% Pro Elite: 61-90, max total stats 22500 at reset 90, XP:400 Drop rate: 65% Hardcore: 91-120, max total stats 30000 at reset 120, XP:250 Drop rate: 85% Diamond: 121-150, max total stats 37500 at reset 150, XP:150 Drop rate: 95% This is our take on our beloved MuOnline game! Sole purpose of this venture was to create an environment for players where they can grow as a team and challenge themselves in the dynamic world of MuPlanet. As this has been stated already from the description above, everyone starts at the Beginner level and server will challenge players with every unlocked difficulty further on. Also we will introduce more challenges for players once certain amount of players will reach new League. Visual changes will enrich your experience with content you won't see anywhere else. Our efforts will keep you interested and bring the best out of MU! We are open! WELCOME!! * more info via https://mupla.net *
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