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  1. [Event] TOP Voter of the Month: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/5-event-top-voter-of-the-month/ * For more Events: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/forum/3-events/
  2. CHANGELOG 21.03.2020 + FB EVENT [+] Added Empty Sphere lvl 5 drop in DS+7 [+] [HIGH x1000] Increased Loch Feather item drop rate % in Icarus [+] [MEDIUM x200] Increased item drop rate in LOT [+] [MEDIUM x200] Increased Condor Flame drop rate in Barracks * Get FREE 300 Coins, Join Event: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/220-medium-x200-forum-event-get-free-300-coins/
  3. EliteMU [Total Online 1000+] - Pievienojies !
  4. EliteMU - [MEDIUM x200] Atvēršanās - 7 MARTĀ (Šodien) !
  5. Changelog 29.02.2020 NEW Patch v5 or Installer v5 is required for players who want/will play MEDIUM x200 ! [+] Added Empty Sphere lvl 5 drop in DS+7 * New items like Chaos Cards, PvP re-adjustments, Guides for Events like Doppelganger and Imperial Guardian in Help Site, all that and more Updates soon... Changelog 28.02.2020 NEW Patch v4 or Installer v4 is required for CashShop Update ! [+] Fixed Ancient Anubis Ring drop in LOT [+] Fixed Last Market Item List [+] Fixed Socket Item option not showing in Market [+] Fixed reported Energy to Mana [+] Updated Cash Shop System (items, prices) [+] Added Goblin Point Reward after killing Bosses (more info: HELP.ELITEMU.NET) [+] Changed Talisman of Luck to tradeable item [+] Increased MG PvP damage (more info: HELP.ELITEMU.NET) [+] Increased Vault, IV Expansion Quest Drop Rate % (more info: HELP.ELITEMU.NET) [+] Decreased Fenrir Part Drop Rate by small % [+] [HIGH] Increased W Coins (P) Event Reward * 3 (more info: HELP.ELITEMU.NET) [+] [HIGH] Changed Silver, Gold Box Item drop (more info: HELP.ELITEMU.NET)
  6. Changelog 21.02.2020 [+] Changed ML EXP in Swamp of Peace to Double EXP [+] Increased Sphere 4, Sphere 5 Drop Rate % [+] Changed Chat /post price to 1kk (30 sec delay) [+] [HIGH] Increased Condor Flame Drop Rate % [+] [HIGH] Changed /pkclear price 20kk * PK count [+] [HIGH] Changed Boss Respawn Time x2 faster [+] [HIGH] Changed BC Reward Item Drop rate to 100% [+] [HIGH] Increased Lucky Coin Drop Rate %
  7. CHANGELOG 02.02.2020 [+] Updated information at our Guides Help Site (more info: HELP.ELITEMU.NET) [+] Changed Talisman of Chaos Assembly to tradable [+] Decreased Claw of Beast drop rate % [+] Decreased Mirror Fragment drop rate % [+] Decreased Devil Square Eye, Key drop rate %
  8. CHANGELOG 23.01.2020 [+] Added 3 New spots in Kalrutan2 [+] Increased (DS) Devil Square EXP to Double EXP (+ x50 more EXP) [+] Increased Doppelganger Event Monster Count * 10 (10x times more monsters) [+] Increased Sacred Birth Star drop rate % in Loren Deep Event [+] Increased Mirror Fragment drop rate % from monsters [+] Increased Paper Scrap drop rate % from monsters (for Imperial Guardian Event) [+] Decreased Medal, Firecracker and Box drop rate % [+] Changed (DS) Devil Square Final Stage Boss monsters [+] Changed Doppelganger Event (Dimensional Mirror) Rewards [+] Changed Medal, Firecracker and Box item drop
  9. CHANGELOG 13.01.2020 * We updated our server files to the newest stable version, so you need to download our new Game Client Installer v3 in order to continue to play ! [+] Fixed Client Freeze issue [+] Changed Karutan1 to Non-PvP [+] Changed Karutan1 monster count per spot to 5 [+] Added 3 extra new spots in Stadium
  10. Changelog 10.01.2020 [+] Changed Castle Siege resets accumulated time after killing GM [+] Changed global chat /post price to 1kk (60 sec delay) [+] Changed PK Clear command price to 50kk * PK Count [+] Changed PK Clear at the website (500kk - Clear All PK) [+] Changed VIP player PK Clear price settings to same as non VIP player [+] Changed GR Free Point System ----- Clear Stats after GR: ON ----- on 1st GR: 20000 Free Points ----- on 2nd GR: 38000 Free Points ----- on 3rd GR: 54000 Free Points ----- on 4th GR: 68000 Free Points ----- on 5th GR: 80000 Free Points ----- on 6th GR: 90000 Free Points ----- on 7th GR: 98000 Free Points ----- on 8th GR: 104000 Free Points ----- on 9th GR: 108000 Free Points ----- on 10th GR: 110000 Free Points [+] Increased Kalrutan 1 monster spots EXP and strenght (in total 10 spots) [+] Increased BC Statue HP [+] Fixed reported visual issues at the website [+] Fixed Event timer at the website [+] Decreased Imperial Guardian Event (Gaion Order) StandBay period to 30 seconds [+] Decreased Imperial Guardian Event (Gaion Order) Attack period to 90 seconds [+] Added Talisman of Chaos Assembly item drop at (CC+7) Chaos Castle+7 [+] Added reported missing items in drop at Raklion [+] Added New stronger Spots in Stadium Uhh, ku negatīvi cilvēki mums te...žēl !
  11. Online is pretty stable all the time * Next Castle Siege fight this Sunday ! * NEW Updates will be released next week - stay tuned ! P.S. - HIGH x1000 Server will be opening in February, more information about that soon...
  12. CHANGELOG 15.12.2019 [+] Increased All Golden Monster Strength (more info: HERE) [+] Increased 3rd Quest Dark Elf Boss Strength [+] Increased Devil Square EXP +50% more than Regular (more info: HERE) [+] Increased Ancient Item drop rate % in Chaos Castle (more info: HERE) [+] Added Reported missing items at Raklion drop [+] Added Newcomer Bonus, 1st res = 350 level, 2nd = 380 level, 3+ = 400 level [+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list in LOT (more info: HERE) [+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list in Chaos Castle [+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list from Kundun Boss [+] Changed Next Castle Siege Fight Start to 18:00 PM (by Server Time)
  13. CHANGELOG 12.12.2019 [+] Increased ELF PvM damage by +40% [+] Increased Golden Invasion monster count [+] Decreased RF PvM damage by -10% [+] Decreased Attack Radius for some monsters in Kalima [+] Decreased drop rate of Sacred Birth Star in Loren Deep Event [+] Added Box of Kundun item drop list @ Guides [+] Added +1 spot in Kalima 1-7 [+] Added Change Name feature [+] Changed Infinity Arrow Skill Effected from 1 hour to 24 hours [+] Changed Stats After Reset from 0 to 100 [+] Changed Character Market minimal sell price to 1000 Coins [+] Changed OffLeveling Skills Usage Priority for MG
  14. Changelog 09.12.2019 [+] Decreased Party EXP by small % [+] Changed Dynamic EXP System [+] Increased OffLeveling attack speed from 1x hit/sec to 2x hits/sec [+] Updated In-game Prohibited word filter system [+] Added Item (Dark Side, Multi-Shot, Lightning Shock) drop from Iron Wheels [+] Fixed Market issue [+] Fixed Paymentwall issue [+] Updated website visual elements [+] Updated website to newest 1.2.0 version Centīšos
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