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  1. CHANGELOG 23.01.2020 [+] Added 3 New spots in Kalrutan2 [+] Increased (DS) Devil Square EXP to Double EXP (+ x50 more EXP) [+] Increased Doppelganger Event Monster Count * 10 (10x times more monsters) [+] Increased Sacred Birth Star drop rate % in Loren Deep Event [+] Increased Mirror Fragment drop rate % from monsters [+] Increased Paper Scrap drop rate % from monsters (for Imperial Guardian Event) [+] Decreased Medal, Firecracker and Box drop rate % [+] Changed (DS) Devil Square Final Stage Boss monsters [+] Changed Doppelganger Event (Dimensional Mirror) Rewards [+] Changed Medal, Firecracker and Box item drop
  2. CHANGELOG 13.01.2020 * We updated our server files to the newest stable version, so you need to download our new Game Client Installer v3 in order to continue to play ! [+] Fixed Client Freeze issue [+] Changed Karutan1 to Non-PvP [+] Changed Karutan1 monster count per spot to 5 [+] Added 3 extra new spots in Stadium
  3. Changelog 10.01.2020 [+] Changed Castle Siege resets accumulated time after killing GM [+] Changed global chat /post price to 1kk (60 sec delay) [+] Changed PK Clear command price to 50kk * PK Count [+] Changed PK Clear at the website (500kk - Clear All PK) [+] Changed VIP player PK Clear price settings to same as non VIP player [+] Changed GR Free Point System ----- Clear Stats after GR: ON ----- on 1st GR: 20000 Free Points ----- on 2nd GR: 38000 Free Points ----- on 3rd GR: 54000 Free Points ----- on 4th GR: 68000 Free Points ----- on 5th GR: 80000 Free Points ----- on 6th GR: 90000 Free Points ----- on 7th GR: 98000 Free Points ----- on 8th GR: 104000 Free Points ----- on 9th GR: 108000 Free Points ----- on 10th GR: 110000 Free Points [+] Increased Kalrutan 1 monster spots EXP and strenght (in total 10 spots) [+] Increased BC Statue HP [+] Fixed reported visual issues at the website [+] Fixed Event timer at the website [+] Decreased Imperial Guardian Event (Gaion Order) StandBay period to 30 seconds [+] Decreased Imperial Guardian Event (Gaion Order) Attack period to 90 seconds [+] Added Talisman of Chaos Assembly item drop at (CC+7) Chaos Castle+7 [+] Added reported missing items in drop at Raklion [+] Added New stronger Spots in Stadium Uhh, ku negatīvi cilvēki mums te...žēl !
  4. Online is pretty stable all the time * Next Castle Siege fight this Sunday ! * NEW Updates will be released next week - stay tuned ! P.S. - HIGH x1000 Server will be opening in February, more information about that soon...
  5. CHANGELOG 15.12.2019 [+] Increased All Golden Monster Strength (more info: HERE) [+] Increased 3rd Quest Dark Elf Boss Strength [+] Increased Devil Square EXP +50% more than Regular (more info: HERE) [+] Increased Ancient Item drop rate % in Chaos Castle (more info: HERE) [+] Added Reported missing items at Raklion drop [+] Added Newcomer Bonus, 1st res = 350 level, 2nd = 380 level, 3+ = 400 level [+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list in LOT (more info: HERE) [+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list in Chaos Castle [+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list from Kundun Boss [+] Changed Next Castle Siege Fight Start to 18:00 PM (by Server Time)
  6. CHANGELOG 12.12.2019 [+] Increased ELF PvM damage by +40% [+] Increased Golden Invasion monster count [+] Decreased RF PvM damage by -10% [+] Decreased Attack Radius for some monsters in Kalima [+] Decreased drop rate of Sacred Birth Star in Loren Deep Event [+] Added Box of Kundun item drop list @ Guides [+] Added +1 spot in Kalima 1-7 [+] Added Change Name feature [+] Changed Infinity Arrow Skill Effected from 1 hour to 24 hours [+] Changed Stats After Reset from 0 to 100 [+] Changed Character Market minimal sell price to 1000 Coins [+] Changed OffLeveling Skills Usage Priority for MG
  7. Changelog 09.12.2019 [+] Decreased Party EXP by small % [+] Changed Dynamic EXP System [+] Increased OffLeveling attack speed from 1x hit/sec to 2x hits/sec [+] Updated In-game Prohibited word filter system [+] Added Item (Dark Side, Multi-Shot, Lightning Shock) drop from Iron Wheels [+] Fixed Market issue [+] Fixed Paymentwall issue [+] Updated website visual elements [+] Updated website to newest 1.2.0 version Centīšos
  8. Jauns EVENT, vairāk info: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/forum/3-events/
  9. INFORMATION ABOUT "LOW" x50 SERVER LOW x50 - GAME DATA • Version: Season 6 Episode 3 (Official WebZen configuration) • Experience: x50 ----- on 10th reset: x40 (1 reset only) ----- on 20th reset: x30 (1 reset only) ----- on 30th reset: x20 (1 reset only) ----- on 40th reset: x10 (1 reset only) ----- on 50th reset: x5 (1 reset only) • Master EXP: x5 • Drop: 50% • Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (till level 350) • Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended) • Official MU Helper: ON (from 10 level, 500 zen * level for 5 min.) • Points Per Level: 5/6/7 LOW x50 - RESET & GRAND RESET • Reset Limit: 51 resets • Reset Level: 400 ----- Reset price: 10kk * resets ----- Reward: 10 Free Coins & 20 Gold Coins ----- Clear Stats: ON ----- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF ----- Clear Inventory: OFF ----- Clear Class: OFF ----- Points for Reset: SM, ELF, BK, SUM - 1200 points * resets & MG, DL, RF - 1400 points * resets • Max GR: 10 • GR Requirements: 51 resets & 1 level ----- GR price: 1.9kkk ----- Reward: 5000 Free Coins & 500 Gold Coins ----- Clear Stats: ON ----- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF ----- Clear Inventory: OFF ----- Clear Class: OFF ----- Points per GR: 20000 points * GR LOW x50 - BASE INFORMATION • Bless Bug: OFF • Monster HP: 100% • Required level for class: SUM 1 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 250 lvl • Fully Working Rage Fighter: ON • Off Trade System: ON • Off Level System: ON • Marry System: ON • Auto Reconnect System: ON • Gens System: ON • Goblin System: ON (earn 1 goblin point every 5 minutes) • Master Skill Tree: ON (max 200 lvl) • Guild Create Level: 300 • Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP in specific time 2 times per day) • Cash Shop 'X': ON (pets, EXP buffs and more) • Extra EXP: ON (extra EXP in Events) • And More LOW x50 - IN-GAME COMMANDS » In-game Commands: ON ----- /post: global chat, requirement level: 10 (50'000 zen) ----- /pkclear: 20kk * PK Count (at website 200kk - clears all PK) ----- /add: add free stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd) ----- /requests off/on to deny/accept requests ----- /prop and /accept: to propose and accept marry ----- /teleport: teleports you to your husband/wife LOW x50 - WEBSITE FEATURES * Reset Stats: ON * Reset Master Skill Tree: ON * Exchange W Coins (C): ON * Clear Inventory: ON * Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect FREE Coins) * Market System: ON * Character Market System: ON [HOT] * Webshop System: ON [LIMITED] ----- FO items: OFF (max 2 Excellent options) ----- Item level +15 in Webshop: OFF (max +12, only in-game max +15) ----- 380 lvl items in Webshop: OFF ----- Ancient items in Webshop: OFF ----- Socket items in Webshop: OFF ----- 3rd lvl wings in Webshop: OFF ----- Fenrir & other Pets in Webshop: OFF * Trade Online Time (exchange your online time for FREE Coins) * And More LOW x50 - PARTY BONUS * Party Exp Bonus: ON ----- Duo Exp Bonus: + 0% EXP ----- Bronze Party Exp Bonus: + 5% EXP ----- Silver Party Exp Bonus: + 10% EXP ----- Gold Party Exp Bonus: + 15% EXP
  10. Added new unique website feature ! Now you can sell/buy characters @ our website, more info: https://www.elitemu.net * Character Market [HOT]
  11. ELITEMU - GENERAL INFORMATION Welcome to EliteMU Online - we are NEW and BIG Private MU Online Server, which is based on Premium IGCN MU Online Server files. The feeling here in this project is completely opposite from other servers. Game with astonishing entertainment. EliteMU Online is with well-considered gameplay and made to deliver best quality and stability. We wont tell you that our MU Online server is best or there is no bugs at all, but we give you a chance to see that our mu online server is Unique with our Hard Economy System, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting Gameplay and Well-Configured Server, which is made by Developers with more than 7 year experience. In future we plan to have 3 servers in total - LOW rate, MEDIUM rate and HIGH rate servers. ELITEMU - GAMEPLAY INFORMATION EliteMU is made for people who likes Original Features, no costumes etc. Working all latest Events - Doppelganger, Imperial Guardian, original rewards and Bosses. In Chaos Castle, Blood Castle and Devil Square, you receive different rewards in default events. To make gameplay more Unique, we decided to make some secret spots, where leveling will be little easier or safer. There is no spots like in ussual servers, we have worked with each map, added more monsters in all maps, without usual spots. Arena is available - we decided to keep arena, but leveling there wont be so easy like other maps. ELITEMU - EVENTS & FEATURES We have remade a lot of in-game features to make game more interesting. Interesting Lucky Coin System. Jewels, Zen and other features like Goblin Points, Items + Zen have a high value in-game ! Also features like Gold Coins, W Coins (C) for in-game Cash Shop 'X' can be only collected by players themselves. The fastest way to level-up is by leveling up in party, because of extra EXP Bonus. No OP Items, VERY Limited Webshop, VERY Limited Cash Shop 'X', Great GR and Event rewards, Nice level roading - Fair Play for everyone. ELITEMU - CHANGELOG (UPDATES & CHANGES) We are proud that in our servers dont have such a bugs (like evil spirit agility bug, hp bug or dark side skill). In our server Evil Spirit works on 32k agility, show full HP and Dark Side - works perfect. Im sure, you will like our server gameplay and the way how we made it. Just come and try it - Join Us ! ELITEMU - COMMUNITY LINKS * Website: https://www.elitemu.net * Registration: https://www.elitemu.net/registration * Downloads: https://www.elitemu.net/downloads * Community Forum: http://www.forum.elitemu.net ELITEMU - EXTRA INFORMATION - Characters & Formulas: HERE - Class PvM Damage: HERE - Class PvP Damage: HERE - Off-Leveling: HERE - Auto Party System: HERE - Party Bonus: HERE - Skill Drop List: HERE - Expanded Inventory: HERE - Gold Coins & Cashshop: HERE - Goblin Points: HERE - Lucky Coins System: HERE - Boss Respawn & Rewards: HERE - Event Times: HERE - Event Rewards: HERE ELITEMU - GAME SCREENSHOTS ELITEMU - WHY TO CHOOSE US ? ✔️ Responsible administration. Your opinion is important to us ! ✔️ Premium IGCN server files. Enjoy the best possible quality ! ✔️ Pretty unique configured server. You will not get bored here ! ✔️ Monthly, weekly events. Get rewards from TOP Voter, BC, DS, CC or Castle Siege ! ✔️ Protected against break-ins, DDOS and cheats! High stability Anti-Hack ! ✔️ Everything is done by us. Each part of the game is professionally configured !
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