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  1. Serveris sasniedz jaunu rekordu - 750 spēlētāji tiešsaistē.
  2. Pievienojies tagad un vinnē līdz 20 eiro vērtīgus koinus! Informācija par to atrodama šeit.
  3. Čau has.lv lietotāj! Vai tu esi gatavs Asgardam? Šodien, plkst. 18:00 pēc Latvijas laika, mēs visi uzsāksim mūsu ceļojumu, lai pieredzētu vismodernāko MU Online bez-resetu serveri, kas jebkad tika izveidots. Mūsu entuziastiskā komanda iztērēja mēnešus spēlēs pilnveidošanā, un mēs ticam, ka jums patiks tas, ko mēs esam gatavi jums piedāvāt! Citiem vārdiem sakot, daži spēles aspekti, kuros Webzen neieguldīja daudz laika un pūles, tika pārveidoti vai pilnveidoti. Lai nosvinētu mūsu starta dienu, esam nolēmuši atslēgt X Šopu līdz 20. oktobrim, padarot visus spēlētājus līdzvertīgus. Tik tiešām par šito būs jāierauj!
  4. Serveris startē jau pēc trim dienām.
  5. Dažu apstākļu dēļ mēs esam spiesti pārnest atvēršanās dienu vairākas dienas vēlāk. Īpašais lēmums tika pieņemts šonakt, un tas ir pēdējais fiksētais datums. Tajā pašā laikā mēs varēsim pavadīt vairāk laika OBT un vissvarīgākais, piesaistīt vairāk speletājus, jo mūsu reklāmas kampaņa reklamē mūsu serveri visās iespējamās vietnēs. Tāpēc oficiālais "Norebirth" projekta starts ir plānots 12. oktobrī plkst. 18:00 pēc servera laika. Reģistrācija jau ir pieejama, un pēc OBT jūsu akkaunts tiks saglabāts! Piedodiet par atnestajām neērtībām, Groot
  6. Startējam jau pēc 2 dienām!
  7. Starts jau pēc četrām dienām!
  8. Serveris startē jau pēc nedēļas!
  9. OBT jau startēja, vairāk informācija atrodama šeit.
  10. About Norebrith - young, ambitious MMO-game project focused on the English-speaking audience, created by well talented and experienced developers in the field of MMORPG featuring professional technical support. Latest features of the gaming universe, creative innovations, a revolutionary approach to the old content - all that can be found on Norebirth. Our project presents you Asgard x10 no-reset server. We are ready to offer you the most functional and competitive season 12 build with off-like character settings and modernised gameplay mechanics! Everything will be in the best traditions, lots of fun is guaranteed! Our project will radically differ from other servers in many ways. If you think that this is another random server, then you are very wrong. Only understanding users will be able to assess our hard work, our soul which we are putting into this large-scale project. A special attention should be payed to the following things: a limited number of stat points, same as in off-like, non-reset servers. That means that every single user will be able to come up with his own, unique build, which will positively affect the overall balance. Many of the characteristics that looses their beneficial properties on high reset servers will remain relevant and actual, and the variations of useful items will become much larger. Perspective Despite such low rates, our server is not planning to become one of those where levelling will take years, and where beginners can forget about reaching the top in several months. Thanks to the non-reset system, nearly perfect dynamic system, various stat builds and our unique achievement system, our server will be in demand at any stage of its life, meaning that newcomers coming to our server will not experience much discomfort. Norebirth, and is that all there is? No, that's not all. In fact, our team is not only duplicating Webzen achievements, but also brings additional gameplay customs. Usually, it has something to do with the website, as a huge piece of content is tied to it. A new, unique castle building system - a kind of resource manager for the castle owners. Market and character auction house, which although can be find on many game servers, is made with the maximum convenience for our players. And of course, our original achievement system - if you are bored, then there will be dozen of tasks to do. Website features The original achievement system adds variety to the gameplay and makes it more interesting. These are various game trials, completing which will grant you different advantages, including game currency. A unique feature in the form of buildings and castle management diversifies the main event - Castle Siege, making it even more exciting and interesting. After each successful siege, the winner gets access to a special interface on the website where he can build constructions and get profit from them as in the well-known Heroes of Might and Magic game. The character auction allows you to safely sell or buy highly leveled or even well-equipped character. The auction works based on the lots and rates, and sometimes a real fight starts for a single character. Insidious system of character full scanning added, from which no one can hide. Almost all the data is available about each character in the web through search or by tracking his nickname in the rankings. Market, where you can sell or buy any items from other players, has quite handy filters, through which even the trading process appears as a separate gameplay element. VIP - a special status, which can be obtained by spending a good amount of time in the game, contains many useful functions starting from simply removing PK status up to "invisibility". User friendly website with lots of other small features. Since a large part of gameplay is tied to it - we have created all the conditions for a comfortable stay on the Web component of our project. Play2Win concept There is no webshop, where you can buy in-game armours. All we have is a limited x shop and vip only! Guess you're wondering why we have called our x shop - limited? Basically, we have limited x shop to it's maximum point, meaning no chaos cards, no lucky sets, basically nothing that could give advantage to players. Besides, we have reduced seal, pet and transformation ring % of gained experience - they have been cut significantly. Links Norebirth MU Online website: Norebirth MU Our community / forum / support: Norebirth Forum Registration: Sign Up - Norebith MU Download game: Files - Norebirth MU Launch day information And now about the launch! Server will be launched on October 12 at about 18:00 server time. Start will be carried with the support of Playdeon and Warius teams, which for several years is developing and maintaining MU Online servers. The reason we chose this day and time is that most people will be free from work and studies, yet before peak hours' smashing impact. This will also be an optimal time for many staff members as we expect to work without sleep during the early launch days. Social network https://www.facebook.com/mu.norebirth