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  1. Prime x30-x1 dynamic, max 30 resets launches on April 21, 2018. Prime x30 has no webshop, where you can buy in-game armours, weapons etc. All it has is a limited x shop and vip only! Furthermore, we have limited x shop to it's maximum point, meaning no chaos cards, no lucky sets, basically nothing that could give advantage to players. Besides, we have reduced seal, pet and transformation ring % of gained experience - they have been cut significantly (seen below). Seal of Ascension/Master Ascension - grants only 10% experience instead of original 50%. Seal of Wealth/Master Wealth - grants only 20% experience instead of original 100%. Seal of Healing - grants only 30% experience instead of original 50%. Panda Pet/Skeleton Pet - grants only 30% experience instead of original 50%. Panda Ring/Skeleton Ring - grants only 30% experience instead of original 50%. Brown Panda Ring - grants only 50% experience instead of original 65%. Demon Pet - grants only 20% dmg boost instead of original 30%. Pink Panda Ring - disabled. Dmg Boost Ring/other jewellery - disabled. Lucky Sets - disabled. Chaos Cards - disabled. Scrolls - disabled. Goblin Point Shop - disabled. I can guarantee you that Prime will be the most fair S13 reset server so far! Accordingly, draw your own conclusion where to play.
  2. Miracle startē pēc trim dienām.
  3. Laimē vienu no trim Razer Basilisk spēles pelēm! Ar konkursa noteikumiem jūs varat iepazīties šeit.
  4. Giveaway konkurs ir ceļā. Izspēlēsim foršas balvas no Razer.
  5. To celebrate our S13 release, all new new players will start the game with a special freebie package that includes the following: 7 day beginner starting bonus (choose your own pet, transformation ring and mini wings). 7 day Gold VIP subscription (taken together with the beginner starting bonus). Warius administration is willing to show you that our server isn't that closed and hostile. Don't miss the chance and join now!
  6. Miracle x50 launches on March 22 at 18:00 server time! Take a part in our sharing contest, more information here.
  7. Miracle x50 - Starts jau 22 Martā! Vairāk informācija atrodama šeit.
  8. Couple of changes have been done over the past few days, changelog includes the following: Zen drops have been doubled. Gold VIP price has been reduced from 450 to 250 coins. Make a rebirth, receive 250 coins and get your VIP already. Changes towards Offlevel system have been done, issues with the original position might be fixed (observations are necessary). Changes towards Maze of Dimensions have been done, issues with the mini-map might be fixed (observations are necessary). Changes towards Blood Castle have been done, issues with the archangel item drop might be fixed (observations are necessary). Fixed bonus defense on the socket sets for MG. Fixed incorrect item drop from Evomon. The amount of droppable items from Nightmare has been increased to 3. 220 level skills have been added in locations, such as Tarkan 2, Aida 2, Kanturu 2. Doppelganger party requirements have been reduced to 3 players. From now all the events/bosses will drop items with 3 sockets only. Items with 2 sockets have been added to the overall drop. Loren Deep event has been added. Hero mobs drops jewels, at the end of the event Erohim appears. Event starts at Loren at 20:20 server time. Cooldown time for skills, such as Breche, Magic Pin and Harsh strike has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 sec. Vitality stats have been added into BK Combo formula. Extreme x5000 starts today! Have fun! It is a very fun game with fun community. Enjoy it. Be happy. Make others happy. Bring happiness. Avoid being negative.

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