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  1. Īpašnieks tas pats. Jauni skripti viss dopeee Futuristic Gaming:RPG Multi Theft Auto project SAFG:RPG . Recreated Roleplay Gaming Server(RPG). (SAFG),Server based on real life, acting, roleplaying, playing like in real world. Server made and still gets developed with cool, dope and lit features! Main things: Roleplay, CnR, Race, Fun, Mods, Updates, Military, Terrorists and much MORE! Earning money in many diffrent ways, as police job, a lot civilian jobs, criminal jobs, official squads, gangs, civilian companies. If you're interested for more information or ask any queation, joins us on discord. Discord : https://discord.gg/sZTFvkv A community built with user-friendly and serious admins, players, and so on. The fun is yet to be discovered by you and only you.
  2. 07.05.2019 DAUDZ KAS JAUNS https://mtasarsrpg.us https://www.game-state.com/ https://discord.gg/cf7faxW Pievienojies!
  3. Serveris aktīvāks,nekā citas reizes . Pievienojies !
  4. *bump* > Serveris joprojām aktīvs! Jauni skripti, Roleplay grupas , bandas , policijas organizacijas !
  5. 07.05.2019 DAUDZ KAS JAUNS https://mtasarsrpg.us https://www.game-state.com/ https://discord.gg/cf7faxW p.s nav laika updeitot topiku. Server Information: Spawning System & Roles: Choose an area where you would like to spawn from three cities and 2 county's, you can select what your role has to be, such as Civilian, Police or Criminal. Police: Your main job is to arrest the suspects, involved in the criminal activities, however police database can be used to track the criminals and also to find the most wanted criminals of the server. As a police, you have to hit the wanted criminal with a nightstick, and after that the criminal will be cuffed and will follow you. You have to escort the cuffed criminal to the nearest police station immediately as other criminals might kill you to save the cuffed criminal. Criminal: As a criminal, you can kill other criminals which can gain you a wanted level. You can rob Stores, Banks and even start turfing by starting your own gang. As Arms Dealer you can sell weapons to other players. As Drugs Dealer you can sell drugs and they can get high. Prostitute you can ahve sex with other players. Pickpocket you can stael from others money, aiming on them. Civilian: There are numerous jobs for civilians, all the civilian jobs are mentioned below: 1. Miner: You can spawn as a miner, and will have shovel, so that you can break the rocks and precious stones. You will have Dune where you will be able to store the stones, depending on how the precious the stone is, you will get more cash for it. 2. Pilot: To transport the passengers and cargo to other airports, cash depends on how far the airport is. 3. Trucker: To transport the cargo to the factories, cash depends on long the distance is. 4. Mechanic: As a mechanic, you have to repair the player's car and to refuel them, however mechanic has their database which allows them to track the damaged car. 5. Taxi Driver: Drive the taxi and transport the players to the location that they want, you will be automatically paid the price of the distance traveled. 6. Bus Driver: Drive the bus around the city to the marked bus stations and you will gain money for transporting the people to the stations. Military: This server has a Military known as "Delta Forces", this group is special due to the modern equipment that only it has, such as Tanks, Fighter Planes, and it also goes to war with terrorist at sometime. However to join this squad, you really need to have good skills. G6: A special group which helps other players host they event. Like (Races, Last Man Standing , Team DeatchMatch, and a lot more) Other Important Features: Housing system Our housing system has a features such as Buy & Sell, however you can also spawn at your own house. Vehicle System, Car & Plane Shops You can buy different types of car in the server, such as luxurious cars which costs more but it worth's the money. Cars can be hidden by a car control panel which can be accessed by going to disk. At disk you can hide, fix, spawn. Turf System Every gang can turf the areas, however the only city that can be turfed all around SA. Each criminal gets rewarded for turfing the area.Bank System A player can withdraw or deposit the money into his account, however banks can be robbed by criminals and due to this criminals can earn a lot of cash. Gang, Squad & Company Features If you think that your gang, squad or company requires some features, you can apply to get some new features such as vehicle, base, spawn, and even modded skin for your gang, squad or company, however there are some requirements too which you can read at our forums: http://sarsrpg.us/index.php?/forums/forum/11-clans-forum/ Services Shop In this server, there are a lot of shops for food which can gain you health, and repair shop, that is Pay N Spray to repair your vehicles. Guns can be also bought from Ammunition shop. Vehicle Mods There are many vehicle mods, such as for racing cars, realistic cars. Server Status: IP: mtasa:// Status: Open Server Website: http://sarsrpg.us/ Gallery:
  6. Wilson

    Bezmaksas HOST

    Hosting jau man nepieder. Vnk noreklameju un dabuju ko velos un tas nebija serveris. Protams man pasam ari ir serveris, esmu apmierinats. Un sakara ar forumu , jā ,padosu ziņu īpašniekam, lai ievieš kaut kadus noteikumus. Es pieļauju, ka viņš naudu ar to pelnīs, jeb jau pelna. Hvz!
  7. Wilson

    Bezmaksas HOST

    *BUMP* Jauns foruma domain. http://vortexhost.me/index.php?action=forum Jaunumi un nedaudz sīkāk (ŠEIT)
  8. Wilson

    Bezmaksas HOST

    @ArthurM. , nez man iet normali, pings labs, nekas nelago. Visticamak serveris uz Evolutionu @pomelo. , tā daudzi dara , bet nu ai . Mani paludza noreklamēt un es to izdarīju un dabūju ko vēlejos . (Tas nav hosts ko velejos) Vai tam džekam , kas sanāks tā turpinot , nez.
  9. Wilson

    Bezmaksas HOST

    Tā vienkārši, čuaks palīdz , sponsorē, ja nevari atļauties vai kādas citas problemas, lai iegādātos hostu. Var vienkārši dabūt 50 postus priekš 100 slotiem. Bet visu jau var sarunat. . Galvenais Tik drukā pa forumu huiņ. Es vnk tā, ja nu kādam interesē.
  10. Wilson

    Bezmaksas HOST

    Jā, tieši tā, ir uz pasaules arī labi cilvēki, kuri ir gatavi sniegt palīdzību, sniedzot Jums bezmaksas HOSTU, (šis viss pa visam nopietni, pašam ir serveris MTA) VortexHosting Vortex Hosting sniedz Tev iespēju dabūt savu SAMP vai MTA serveri , ja Tu veic VortexHosting forumā POSTUS. Gamepanelis , FTP pieeja. Kā tas notiek: 20 slots server = 5 posts Mēnesī, 30 slots server = 10 posts Mēnesī, 40 slots server = 15 posts Mēnesī, 50 slots server = 20 posts Mēnesī, 100 slots server = 50 posts Mēnesī. Viss, kas Tev jādara, jāveic POSTI pa visu FORUMU, protams vari veidot savus TOPIKUS. Kad esi sasniedzis postus tik daudz cik vēlies slotus, tad veido savu REQUEST [spied te] VortexHosting sponsori: 1. Pats VortexHosting Sponsor name: Vortex Hosting Game servers provided: MTA:SA & SAMP Servers Location of game server: Germany DDoS Protection: No Maximum slots: 100 Minimum slots: 20 2. Daudziem labi zināmais Evolution Host. Sponsor name: www.evolution-host.com Game servers provided: MTA:SA & SAMP Servers Location of game server: Germany DDoS Protection: Yes Maximum slots: 100 Minimum slots: 20
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