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  1. - Main Features Fast And Easy Installation Fast Automatic Upgrade System Plugin System (Develope Your Own Modules) Supports Unlimited Amount Of Servers Multilanguage Support Seo Friendly Any Type Of WebServer Support More Than 1000 Configuration Options In Administration Panel Active Support - Public Modules News Page Registration Page Lost password page Downloads Page Rankings Page Players Ranking Guilds Ranking Voters Ranking Killers Ranking Gens Ranking Online Ranking BC Ranking DS Ranking CC Ranking Duel Ranking Gens Ranking Online Players List Ban List GM List About Page Info About Server Server Statistics Market Statistics Cry Wolf Info Castle Siege Info Info Page Info About Character Character Stats Character Account Info Character Guild Info View Character Inventory Info About Guild Media Page Guides Page Rules Page -User Modules Account Panel (Switch between user modules) Account Logs (Every action user did can be found here) Shop Page (Supports every item and option up to Season 12) Shopping Card (Purchase any amount of items at once) Donation Page (10 automatic methods) Paypal Paymentwall 2CheckOut PagSeguro Fortumo PayGol SuperRewards PayCall Interkassa CuentaDigital Can add any other method on request Market Page (Buy / Sell items for Web/Game currency or Jewels, advanced item filter) Market Logs (View currently selling, sold items, restore items fro market) Warehouse Page (Remove trash items, send items to market or web warehouse) Web Warehouse Page (Supports unlimited amount of items to be stored) Vip System (Supported by any server files, unlimited vip packages) Reset System (Very wide configuration) GrandReset System (Very wide configuration) Add Stats System Reset Stats System Hide Character Info Page Wcoin Exchange System Warp Character System PK Clear System Clear Inventory System Clear SkillTree System Zen Wallet VoteReward System (7 api support, monthly reward support) Change Class System Change Name System Buy Level System Buy Stats System Buy GM Status System Trade Online Time System Stats Specialization System (Save and load your character stat builds) Account Settings Page (Change passwor, email, recover master key) Ticket / Support System Email Notifications - Admin Panel Features DashBoard WIth Usefull information News Composer Galery Manager Downloads Manager Website Settings Pages (More that 1000 Configuration Options) Logs Pages Server Manager (Accounts, Characters, Server List, IP Tools) Bulk Mailer (Send bulk emails to your players) Shop Manager (Add/Edit/Import Items, Edit Categories, Socket, Ancient, Harmony Options, Edit Warehouse, Web Currencies, Search Items) Support Page (Read/Answer Support Request, Create Support Departments) GM Manager (Add/Remove/Edit GameMasters, Set GM Announcement) VoteReward Manager (Add/Edit/Remove Voting Links) Guides Manager(Add/Edit/Remove Guides) Links priekš failiem: https://mega.nz/file/uERVSIzT#9yXiFy3hyHrQuGYcy3YSP7QhX-UkLnxmNSXt_ViaUrA YouTube pamācība kā ieinstalēt: Video pamācībā izmantoja 5.6 versiju XAMPP, var izmantot arī jaunākas versijas. Kredīts: MuEMU, DmN CMS, neo6
  2. Kādas spēles un kāda veida čītus vēlies?
  3. Sveiki! Daudzus DMN CMS website template var iegūt pa brīvu, kā arī lielu daļu pats var pārtaisīt vai uzlikt kādu vien gribi nosaukumu, dizainu vai arī moduļus. DMN CMS 1.1.8 + 9 Premium Templates - https://mega.nz/file/uERVSIzT#9yXiFy3hyHrQuGYcy3YSP7QhX-UkLnxmNSXt_ViaUrA Template - Mega.nz failu links - https://mega.nz/file/A6gFRQQS#MqcmdWm5O9uubmySHlW1jscdV9AJxlYj5DWUC9N2MW0 Launcher dizains - https://i.imgur.com/OEitDNs.png Launcher dizain links - https://mega.nz/file/p3gFxQQY#owkZEXmR2gkH5IXQEsZ5n5t_6dJSZVed2uNQioipM6w Template - Mega.nz faili links - https://mega.nz/file/1lcGiIZI#fcqAHxjFcfYLOt55PxtlH2-SIleXUquxKGtYH3PChjQ (parole: tuservermu.com.ve) Template - Mega.nz faili links - https://mega.nz/#!kz5U3S6D!6eUx4H8WByqL6R3wmExP2mekzZmvgJp4uGkq3wveFFc Template - Mega.nz faili links - https://mega.nz/#!AldgBISY!YfQDfA_JSjGT8o1Uq3PX3T7HNI2LkaxE6rcooYGi5qI (parole: tuservermu.com.ve) Template - Mega.nz faili links - https://mega.nz/#!k1dEjYiL!Pgh_yluK9XtESQZ6RaZAy_RaU2BU-YpJrJxzKasS2TA (parole: tuservermu.com.ve)
  4. Par C panel. Gan jau, ka Data/Local/Text.bmd <-- šo failu vajag editot.
  5. Sveiks! Varu palīdzēt ar s6 MuOnline serveri, webu, savienojumiem, datu bāzēm. Raksti uz epastu: [email protected] un palīdzēšu Tev uzstādīt serveri.
  6. Sveiks! Varu palīdzēt pa velti no servera uzstādīšanas līdz sakonfigurējot mazākos sīkumus. Mazliet jau pa vēlu ieraudzīju šo rakstu, bet ja vēl interesē droši raksti man uz email "[email protected]".
  7. EVENT INFORMATION » White Wizard - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Wizard Ring +10% damage » Skeleton King - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Gold Key, Silver Key » Red Dragon - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - 30% ancient ring or pendant, 70% jewel » Rabbit - One event per map - Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Atlans Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida - 25% Chaos Card, 75% Mini Chaos Card » Summer Monsters - spawn time 10 seconds - One event per map - Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Raklion - 40% Jewels, Zen
  8. Another friday, another great Siege Warfare with 3 guild compete with each other! JOIN NOW
  9. Update [add] Website Game "WHEEL OF LUCK with good rewards! [improvements] New Client modification since 12th October edition [changes] Blade Master "Stun" works only while attack (disable by reflection) [changes] Dual Master reduced Fire Slash Mastery [changes] Lord Emperor increased Shield Mastery [changes] Medusa spawn time 24hours [changes] Senior Mix over-configured
  10. Update [changes] Chaos Castle require at least 1 member [changes] Chaos Castle reward Jewel [changes] Castle Siege, Siege Warfare period in Saturday 18:00 GMT [changes] decrease by 5% monster HP only in Gens Battle Zone maps (Atlans, Aida, Vulcanus) [changes] Magic Backpack drop in Karutan2, very low drop [changes] Vault Expansion drop in Swamp, very low drop [changes] Sphere 5 drop in Swamp, very low drop [changes] Moon Rabbits 10 in Tarkan, 10 in Aida, drops Imp, Angels [changes] Moon Rabbits respawn 1hour [changes] AA Weapons drop in DS+5,+6,+7, drop high [changes] Suspicious Scrap of Paper for Imperial Guardian Fortress Event drops in DS+5,+6,+7, drop low [changes] Suspicious Scrap of Paper for Imperial Guardian Fortress Event drops in Aida, drop very low [changes] Imperial Guardian Fortress Statue drops Jewel Bundle [changes] Imperial Guardian Fortress Boss drops Excellent or Jewel Bundle [changes] Additional Jewel drop rate in Blood Castle
  11. MUELYSIUM WEBSITE REGISTRATION DOWNLOAD DICORD COMMUNITY Server location: France Max Connection per IP: 3 Non Donate Type w/ MIDDLE RATE GRINDING STYLE - No SMS Donate - No Paypall Donate - No Webshop - No Web Smith - No VIP System - No Gold Channel - No Offattack MAIN INFORMATION » Version: Season 6 Episode 3 » Exp: x1000 » Master Exp: x10 » Drop: 90% » Party EXP System 3, 4, 5 Same Class Party 100% 3 Different Class Party 105% 4 Different Class Party 110% 5 Different Class Party 115% » Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till 250 level » Required level for class: SUM 200 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 350 lvl » All Builds work for each class with well balanced pvp,pve » Official MU Helper: Dynamic » Goblin Points: 10 minutes in-game reward = 1 GP » Points Per Level: 5/6/7 » Master Skill Tree: Max 200 level » Guild Create Level: 300 » Events EXP: - Bonus EXP » Monster Spots type: - Low Range (low range) - Mid Range (one line damage dealer) - Multi Spawn (high range) - Double (mix type) » Minimap TAB spots (not in Arena/Vulcanus/Dungeon) » Reset System: - Reset Cost: 10 000 000 Zen - Reset: 400 Level - Reset Limit: 100 Reset - Clear Stats after Reset - Points per Reset: 800points Note: After Reset character will respawn in Devias Town with 1lvl ! COMMAND INFORMATION » In-game Regular Commands - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd) - /post: global chat, requirement level: 100 (100'000 zen) » Party System - After "Switch" party saves! - Write "/re auto" to activate auto party - Set up password for party, "/re auto 1212", pm 1212 to join party » Personal Store - Sell your Items for bless, life, soul, creation, WCoin, GoblinPoints - Create Personal Store, write /store bless, /store soul,/store life,/store creation etc » Item Information - Find out any Item's dmg, def, req to wear it, by writing /Leather Helm - To close this window press "ESC" on keyboard CASTLE SIEGE INFORMATION » Siege Warfare period every week on Sunday 17:00 server time » Land of Trial Bonus EXP » Adjusted Bonus Spots » Increased Ancient Item Drop Rate » Guild Create Level: 300 Note: We are analyzing the best Castle Siege time for You! EVENT INFORMATION » Golden Archer: Rena exchanges for random Jewel / Pumpkin food » Cherry Blossom: Exchange 255 Golden Cherry Branch for 1 item Ancient + Excellent with Max 1 Option » Each Kalima 4 - 5 Spots, with different type » Kalima Bonus EXP, additional Zen Drop » Kalima +6, +7 Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient or Excellent » Chaos Castle every 4 hours (4:30,8:30,12:30,16:30,20:30,24:30) Chaos Castle requires 2 members to avoid failure » Blood Castle every 4 hours (4:00,8:00,12:00,16:00,20:00,24:00) - Blood Castle 1 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 2 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 3 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 4 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 5 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 6 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 7 reward Gold Key - Blood Castle 8 reward Gold Key - Silver Box drops Pet - Gold Box drops Excellent Ring or Pendant Note: Silver Sealed Box and Gold Sealed Box drops only from monsters who are around the Crystal Archangel Statue! » Devil Square every 4 hours (1:00,5:00,9:00,13:00,17:00,21:00) » Illusion Template 2 times per day (11:30,23:30) Illusion Template requires 4 members to avoid failure Note: Event Time Zone +2 GMT DROP INFORMATION » Feather & Crest : Low, Drops only in Icarus » Condor : Very Low, Drops only in Swamp » Sphere Level 4 : VeryLow, Drops from higher mobs than 120 lvl » Sphere Level 5 : Lowest, Drops only in Vulcanus and DS7 » Gemstone : Low, Drops only in Kanturu Relics » Jewel of Life : Low, Drop starts from Tarkan to all higher maps » Kalima +6, +7 Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient or Excellent » Heart/Silver/Gold: - Heart of Love can be farmed in maps from Devias until LostTower3. - Silver Medal can be farmed in maps from LostTower3 until Kanturu2 End - Gold Medal can be farmed in maps from Kanturu2 En until higher maps. - Heart of Love : Items like Silk, Bronze, Bone, etc. +7 through to +11. - Silver Medal : Items like Wind, Sphinx, Plate, etc. +8 through to +11. - Gold Medal : Items like Guardian, Iris, Spirirt, etc. +6 through to +12 BOSS INFORMATION » Death Beam Knight: Tarkan, respawn 15 minutes (Drop 3rd quest items only when 3rd quest is active and character is not in party) » Dark Phoenix: Icarus , respawn 15 minutes (Drop 3rd quest items only when 3rd quest is active and character is not in party) » Hell Maine: Aida, respawn 15 minutes, total in Aida have 3 Hell Maine (Drop 3rd quest items only when 3rd quest is active and character is not in party) » Dark Elf: Refuge, respawn 1 hour (Monster to complete 3rd quest) » Kalima +6, +7 Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient Items » Selupan: Raklion Hatchery, drop Socket set 2 parts with Max 3 Empty Sockets » Medusa: Swamp, drop Socket weapon or shield 1 with Max 3 Empty Sockets » Nightmare: Kanturu Machine Event, drop 380 set 2 parts with Max 2 Excellent Options » Balgass: Crywolf Event, drop 380 weapon 1 with Max 2 Excellent Options » Imperial Guardian Bosses: - Monday ~ Saturday, drop Excellent, Jewel - Sunday, drop Ancient, Excellent, Jewel » Golden Monster Boss - Golden Rabbit x1 Location: Elbeland Box of Kundun+1 [ 5 Hours ] - Golden Budge Dragon x1 Location: Lorencia Box of Kundun+1 [ 5 Hours ] - Golden Goblin x1 Location: Noria Box of Kundun+1 [ 5 Hours ] - Golden Titan x2 Location: Devias Box of Kundun +2 [4 Hours ] - Golden Lizard King x2 Location: Atlans Box of Kundun +2 [4 Hours ] - Golden Tantalos x1 Location: Tarkan Box of Kundun +3 [ 5 Hours ] - Golden Satyros x1 Location: Kanturu Box of Kundun +4 [ 7 Hours ] - Golden Twin Tail x1 Kanturu Relics Box of Kundun +4 [ 7 Hours ] - Golden Iron Knight x1 Location: Raklion Box of Kundun +5 [10 Hours ] - Great Golden Dragon x1 Location: Raklion drop 5 items Box of Kundun +3,+4,+5 [ 12 Hours ] - Each Golden has his own Spawn Time! - Golden Soldier, Golden Veper, Golden Iron Wheel: drop Blue Ribbon Box - Blue Ribbon Box: Imp, Angel, Uniria, Rudolf » Box of Kundun Item Drop List - Box of Kundun +1 Sets:Bone Bronze, Scale, Silk Shields:Small, Buckler, Horn Weapons: Kriss, Rapier, Small Axe, Double Axe, Flail, Morning Star, Spear, Short Bow, Elven Bow, Crossbow, Skull Staff, Serpent Staff, Mistery Staff - Box of Kundun +2 Sets:Sphinx, Brass, Plate, Wind, Spirit, Light Plate, Adamantine Shields: Kite, Elven, Skull, Large Round Weapons: Katana, Legendary Sword, Gladius, Serpent Sword, Crescent Axe, Battle Scepter, Master Scepter, Crystal Morning Star, Light Spear, Serpent Spear, Great Scythe, Battle Bow, Tiger bow, Light Crossbow, Serpent Crossbow, Thunder Staff, Gorgon Staff, Violent Wind Staff - Box of Kundun +3 Sets:Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Dark Steel, Ashcrow, Eclipse, Red Wing, Iris, Storm Crow, Valiant Shields: Spike, Plate, Elemental, Dragon Slayer Weapons: Lightning Sword, Helical Sword, Rune Blade, Chaos Dragon Axe, Lord Scepter, Great Scepter, Bill of Balrog, Silver Bow, Chaos Nature Bow, Aquagold Crossbow, Saint Crossbow, Legendary Staff, Chaos Lightning Staff, Red Wing Stick, Book of Neil, Book of Sahamutt, Sacred Glove - Box of Kundun +4 Sets: Black Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Grand Soul, Divine, Storm Jahard, Glorious, Ancient, Thunder Hawk Shields: Tower, Serpent, Bronze, Legendary Weapons: Sword of Destruction, Thunder Blade, Sword Dancer, Shining Scepter, Dragon Spear, Celestial Bow, Great Reign Bow, Staff of Destruction, Dragon Soul Staff, Ancient Staff, Book of Ghosts, Holy Storm Glove - Box of Kundun +5 Sets: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Dark Master, Piercing, Black Rose, Hurricane Shields: Grand Soul, Dragon Weapons: Archangel Sword, Archangel Staff, Archangel Sceptre, Archangel Crossbow, Archangel Stick, Piercing Glove MUELYSIUM WEBSITE REGISTRATION DOWNLOAD DICORD COMMUNITY
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